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(Latin, tunica albuginea white membrane, covering) The gonads have a similar path of development in both sexes, up to a gir,s. That point is when the ovaries try to start descending and find that the uterus is Country girls nude pics. the way. So, they stay where they are. The epidiymis is a coil of tubes that lies on the posterior aspect of the testis. (The total length of Country girls nude pics. tube, if uncoiled, is 15-20 feet.

) It is divided into three parts: (Greek, epi upon, didymos testicle, twin) head of the epididymis: the largest mass of coils, located on the Rocco Siffredi Interacial Gangbang Free Porn part of the testis body of the epididymis: inferior to the head, gidls coiling here is gkrls as pronounced tail of the epididymis: the smallest, most inferior portion, which connects to the ductus deferens.

Cultural enrichment: Check out these sections from the 1918 picd. of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body. Some of the terms are (of course) out-of-date, but the illustrations are timeless.

The Country girls nude pics. begins where the peritoneal investment of the sigmoid ends, at approximately the level of S3.

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